How far would you go for your favourite cup?

We all love a good cuppa now and again, but with so much choice out there it is becoming increasingly difficult to pick a favourite. However, this week’s question is once you have that favourite… How far are you prepared to go to get it?

We are blessed with a Costa, Starbucks, Café Nero or independent coffee shop on most corners, purchasing a quick caffeine burst has never been easier.  This week, however, a Plymouth pensioner has taken nipping out for a coffee to a whole new level after cycling to France for the day to pick up his wife’s favourite coffee. 

David and Jackie Pedlow, from Devonport, have been drinking the same coffee for 35 years – but unfortunately their favourite beans can only be bought across the Channel. Last week 70-year-old David was in for a shock when he noticed their special stock was running low so he set off on his mammoth trip to bring back 120kg of coffee for his delighted wife.

Whilst this may seem dramatic, being particular about your coffee is important but by this we mean understanding the blend and origin of your coffee rather than preference towards a brand.  In our next blog we will look at some of the countries we at James Aimer source our beans from and how a different geographical location can impact on the taste of your perfect cup.

For more information on how James Aimer can create your bespoke blend contact  We will even deliver it to you- no cycling, we promise!